Curing olives (again)

Sometimes it works and they taste great, but the last few times I have made them they have been too salty. So here is a recipe I am trying to see how it goes. The recipe is from this recently published book:-

This book is a sensible approach to healthy eating.

Here are the ingredients for processing 1kg of fresh olives:-

You will need the book to check the method, which is simpler than the way I have cured them in the past.

Here are the washed and slit olives in water to remove the bitterness. There is no salt in this stage. A proper olive curing jar is handy for this stage as it keeps the olives under water.

Each olive has been slit but I have not removed the stone.

In Australia you can buy a kilo of fresh olives in season for about $6. If the curing process works this makes them a cost saving option over winter. We will see…

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