Two good things out of Covid

Well, how about time at home to catch up with a hobby?

Calligraphy has kept me sane. I miss my garden so much. But there are benefits to apartment living. I would never have had time to spare if we had kept the house with a big garden.

And what about a holiday? Now we have some relief from lockdown as we currently have very few active cases. So, we have just had a really good break at the ocean, with no upkeep worries while we were away. Holidays are much easier with no garden to worry about. We swam in a cold sea, walked on clean, sandy beaches, and ate in cosy restaurants. It is really good to be married to a good friend.

If you ever have an opportunity to come to Australia and you like deserted ocean beaches go to Ocean Grove. It is stunning. And easy to get to from Melbourne. The only suggestion I have to make your swimming a little more enjoyable would be to acquire a full body wetsuit…

Some in the community are touting the benefits of living by the sea, and suggest that there is the start of a massive exodus from the capital cities because of COVID. But Australia does not have good infrastructure out of the large cities, so I do not think many working parents will commit to long term living in small towns. However, Ocean Grove is an easy commute to Geelong, a pretty coastal city, with some lovely historical homes built from trade with wool.

And there were a number of little hooded plovers nesting on the secluded beaches nearby. I hope they survive.

Cute but endangered

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