Christmas 2020 in Melbourne

Well, we had no cases in the community, so it was a happy family day. My sister- in-law organised a beautiful table on their outdoor terrace by the sea.

Christmas lunch after a long lockdown
The perfect venue for a great celebration

I think there were 17 of us. We had not all been together for a long time. The food was spectacular- dips and platters of fruit and cheese, fish, prawns, ham, turkey with trimmings, salads and more… For dessert we had plum pudding, trifle, and fruit salad. There was a stunning chocolate Christmas tree.

An extremely popular treat

Not surprisingly the children made a beeline for that and the tree was soon stripped of its delicious leaves. There were drinks for all, including some bottles of non- alcoholic juice which complemented the food brilliantly.

However, if you asked the little folk what the best part of the day was,they would undoubtedly say it was Santa’s surprise visit which started off the celebration. Everyone was given a present, and all the gifts were a delight.

Christmas is so good with little people who are in awe of Santa

By 5 pm, we were ready for a walk, so the children had a play on the beach before we headed home. What a lovely day.

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