Take a short course during the pandemic

I have just enrolled in a calligraphy course because I have always wanted to do beautiful writing, and I now have time to spare.

Irish calligraphy in The Book of Kells,
Courtesy of Wikimedia Creative Commons

Do you want to improve your English speaking skills during the pandemic?

From the superbly designed materials of Nik Peachey, used in this course

It can be hard to learn online. But I know this will not be boring, because the materials are interesting, and I am enthusiastic about teaching with them.

There are plenty of places to find English but it can be hard to find what you want.

Would you like to improve your English conversational skills at this time ? I am offering a half-hour session free, and if you like that, a series of 4 lessons of one hour each. The topic can be chosen by you, from the following -; (choose 1)

  1. My Dream Home
  2. Tattoos
  3. My Sense of Humour
  4. The News

You can increase your vocabulary, give opinions, discuss ideas, ask questions and make suggestions, with no exams or stress. An ideal learning place!

The materials have been designed and tested to give the best opportunity for speaking and listening in an online setting.

Because of the pandemic, I am offering a good deal for a set of individual lessons. 4 sessions of one hour each on Zoom or Skype- just you and me, learning what you want for $100 AUD! Timing will be negotiated to suit us both.

You get 4 sessions, with homework if you wish, and the option to send one sound file per session for evaluation. You will also get tips to improve your speaking skills, and there is an option for writing practice if you want it.

So, give it a try – contact me via email to book a trial session. I look forward to getting to know you online.

Make use of all this time- improve your English skills!

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