Bike riding in Melbourne during COVID 19

The great thing about bike tracks in Melbourne is that they criss-cross the suburbs, and often connect them. Bike traffic has increased enormously during the pandemic, because bike riding is seen as a low contact but enjoyable way of exercising. I have a pedelec bike, which means the power only works when I pedal. After a few months of experimenting, I have discovered that the best way for me to get exercise is to turn the power off – in which case the bike is quite heavy, and then turn on low power for a small hill, and only go to full power if the incline is really steep. The gears operate separately, and work as on any bike.

Green after the rains

Where I live is quite hilly, so I can build up speed on the downhills. There are bike lanes around but they tend to finish with no alternatives, so I opt for the bike tracks where possible. Within 15 minutes of home, I can be in the bush with the squawking cockatoos.

Near the freeway into Melbourne

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