Australia is beautiful- listen to a lyrebird!

Holidays are not possible just now, but looking at favourite places is heart-warming. The top left photo is the most visited spot in Victoria. It is spectacular- The 12 Apostles (though many of the 12 have been eroded away), is worth visiting in normal times. However, I was disappointed to see the huge queues of traffic on the route. It is no quiet backwater. Every year, tourists ignore the warning signs and occasionally someone falls over the cliffs and has to be rescued at great personal risk to the rescue crew.

The second picture from the left is Port Douglas, in far North Queensland. It is a three and a half hour flight from Melbourne, but well worth it if you like heat, tropical scenery (including crocodiles) and great uncrowded beaches. It certainly beats a cruise ship holiday…

The far right photo is Sherbrooke Forest, an easy car trip from Melbourne city centre. I have seen and heard a lyrebird here. They can imitate sounds perfectly- another bird call, the click of a camera, or even a chainsaw. I have also seen a few snakes here but they have always slithered off. It can be busy on the weekend but you can walk along a bush track to Belgrave where the steam train, Puffing Billy, operates. There are also some cute little coffee shops in Belgrave, and a train station where you can catch a train right back to the centre of Melbourne. Those little towns must be suffering badly during COVID-19.

The bottom photo is one of the bicycle tracks where I currently ride on my daily exercise outings. It is on the Yarra Trail, which follows Melbourne’s Yarra River along a walk or ride path. Last Sunday it was packed with other riders who had the same idea as me on a sunny afternoon when visiting friends is banned. But in normal times is is a quiet ride, mostly flat and easy for a beginner like myself. I heard kookaburras, and saw purple hens by the water, as well as a few colourful parrots. There is something healing about being in nature.

And the ebike is still amazing. The battery lasts about 160 km before needing recharging, and it charges in about 5 hours. I have also invested in gel gloves to protect my hands in the event of a spill…

I must take some new photos. No mudguards (I can get them fitted if needed). I did get splashed the other day after rain.

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