Turbo speed on the new ebike

Specialized Como electric bike

The bike I am test riding is a pedelec- it only gives power when the bike is pedalled, and the harder you pedal the more help you get. Up to a maximum speed of 25 kph., that is. After that speed, you get no more extra power. This is fine for casual riding or trails. Of course, it depends on what kind of roads you encounter. Compare the junction in Hoi An with the one in a Victorian country town;-

Here is the battery which unlocks to charge. If the bike is stolen without the key the battery cannot be unlocked, so the bike is unusable. It took about 6 hours to charge, and I let it run down to almost empty before charging it. It is quite heavy, but positioned well so that the bike remains stable with the battery attached.

The display on the handlebars is a permanent fixture. It shows an odometer, and has optional screen data like total km, time, bars of battery remaining and power level. There are also gears which operate like a traditional bike.

On hills the bike is a dream. If you pedal up the hill you get help. Going down is just like freewheeling on any bicycle. I easily hit 50kph on the downhill, but traffic lights, crossings, buses, trams and parked cars all add challenge. I am keen to keep the bike for trail rides and short trips near home, and steer clear of the city centre on the bike.

The turbo setting on the straight is a terrific boost. Because it cuts out at 25 km ph., it just gives a smooth ride. It is a fabulous feeling sailing along by the River Yarra, with minimal effort, fresh air and the wind on your face. 20/03/20

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