The Body – thoughts on a book review

When I lived in Milan in the 1990’s and was a beginner in Italian, I used to go through the daily newspaper with a dictionary and try to make sense of the language. But what I really missed was knowing what people in the street were talking about. I longed to be able to participate in everyday conversations about what topics were current.

So here are some thoughts about a book many people in the English speaking world are reading. If you are learning English the book may have language that is difficult to understand, but a lot of the information is factual and well researched.

What are you missing by being an English language learner? Well, maybe you can read a chapter or two. These are the chapter headings;-

If we look at the chapter on Deep Breath, we learn something really interesting. I will put it on audio,so you don’t have to read too much text;-



Imagine your sneeze going for 8 metres and then landing on surfaces. So a one metre distance between people is not really enough to stop the spread of a virus like the coronavirus.

The author, Bill Bryson has written many other books, but this one is my current favourite.