Christmas in the sun in Melbourne

It is summer, but our weather is very unpredictable. 16 degrees one day, and 35 the next. But the city centre is a delight at this time of the year. One of my favourite places for a coffee is The Block Arcade. It has an eclectic mix of shops, and some good coffee spots, away from the crowds. I bought my wedding dress near here, many moons ago! Today there is an impressive atomiser outside a fragrance store. The scent is pleasant. This week there was a German craft market at The Town Hall, with tasty breads, sweets and crafts. It had free entry, and was certainly popular.
On the main Mall, in Bourke Street, you can often see the Statue Men. They stand very still, and occasionally give a wave, or make a small grimace. Many people, particularly children, find them fascinating. I do too, which says something, doesn’t it?
Of course the suburbs are a mass of colour at this time of year, before the prolonged heat sets in.

I just love Melbourne!

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