World of the Book exhibition in Melbourne

This is a cuneiform tablet- written in clay about 4,000 years ago. This was the gem in the little exhibition I thought. Imagine a “document” surviving kingdoms and wars, storms and tsunamis, to arrive in a city like Melbourne! And it is apparently a tax return!

Here we have a section of the Qu’ran, a part of the Torah, and an illustrated script.

I admire calligraphy for its beauty and uniformity. I also like the satchels of the period, which presumably held the precious texts in transit. And the whole, admittedly small exhibition can be seen in the State Library of Victoria. This imposing building is in the centre of Melbourne and is well worth a look. It’s free to work or study here, and it opens at 10 am each weekday.

The bronze statue at the entrance to The Dome depicts the wildlife of Australia.

Come visit!

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