Common Wildlife in Melbourne

This fellow is about 8 cms. long and a few cms away from my bedroom window.

I think it is a wolf spider…

But fortunately he is outside the window. I hope he still is- he has disappeared. There is a gap in the window frame, so I hope he went back to where he came from. The fact that he has 8 eyes does not make him more attractive.

Birds of Australia, on the other hand, are attractive. You will find many of these sulphur crested cockatoos throughout Victoria. In some places there are so many of them that they are considered pests. But they are friendly.

This fellow likes a feed of sunflower seeds. Just don’t let them attack your garden trees. They can be very destructive. Apparently they live for about 30 years in the wild. Domesticated ones can learn to talk, and pet shops used to often have one for sale at the door of their premises. However, they require a big cage and lots of attention, so maybe they are better to stay in the wild.

The red and green parrot (king parrot) is also very common, and also will come to gardens for food.

What a great place to live !

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