Glimpses of Noosa

Noosa Main beach

Best place to eat in Noosa? It depends who you ask! Kids thought this was a cool eatery…

We preferred El Capitano for pizza, or the Surf Club at the end of Hastings Street for a great serve of fish and chips. Expect to pay just under $25 AUD for a main course and $10 for a drink. This is comparable to Melbourne prices for mid-range eateries.

The popular holiday spot just a couple of hours flight from Melbourne was in the news again. A couple of weeks ago there were bushfires nearby. Thankfully these were put out by hardworking firefighters. Homes were threatened but only one was destroyed and there were no fatalities. This week there was a drama of a different kind…

Watch this!


Like many beaches around Australia’s coastline, there are shark nets, to stop sharks from coming too close to swimmers. This week, a baby whale got tangled in the offshore nets. It’s mother waited close by while rescuers cut the calf free. Then it swam off with mum.

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