Winter English in Melbourne

I have been teaching English to two delightful German girls aged 6 and 9. It has been a fascinating time because they needed basic English, but they absorbed language like little sponges, and are so incredibly enthusiastic. I have tried to build on this natural curiosity, but also tried to give them useful language for their particular situation. This month, being cold and wet, we decided to brighten up winter by making a “Creatures” poster. The choices of content and presentation were all theirs, and the research was enthusiastic and careful. What a refreshing change from IELTS preparation and “Living in Australia” skills for me.

The mini project consisted of two sessions, and homework. The girls can both discuss their poster in considerable depth. The task was made interesting by experimenting with a great little gadget- a microscope ( $5 from K Mart- made by Anko) that clips on to a SmartPhone- and gives great pictures of insects and tiny creatures. Steff took these shots, and I expect they have many more by now.

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