Still summer in Melbourne


Sunflowers grow really well in suburban gardens in sunny spots. And if you can get away from the city do so, even if it is only for the day.

If you do not want to travel too far, try Warburton. It is only an hour or so from Melbourne. It has a track you can walk or cycle along, for 38 Km. It was an old railway track, but is now a great family walking or running track. Today there was a fun run finishing in Warburton.

You can drive up to Mount Donna Buang and spend s few hours walking along tracks in beautiful bushland. In winter there is snow up here and it is a good spot for tobogganing, but in summer it is s pretty place to walk or have a picnic.

About 80 years ago, there was a young couple who were rescued after 4 days lost in the snow. The woman lost both her feet because of frostbite.

But in summer it is warm and it is easy to follow the tracks.there are parts of the river Yarra where you can swim, or jump out on a rope for s cool change! But the river is cold.

This area was part of the Goldrush – but when the gold ran out many of the little towns disappeared.

Warburton survives as a tourist town. There are plenty of cute little places to stay overnight, and cafes and restaurants to feed the day trippers. We had a really good pizza in Little Joe’s cafe.

Come visit!

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