New Year in Australia 2019

It is hot. Nearly 40 degrees Celsius. So hot heavy food does not sound good. A barbecue on the deck sounds good though.

Potato salad, Cypriot grain salad, cold roast vegetables, and cold meats, with some bubbly. And then a swim in the sea, at Mount Eliza beach maybe. Or Sorrento, but with a wetsuit for the cold.

in the evening, invite some friends and family for an evening of remembering 2018, and making a New Year’s Resolution* or two.

We can usually make time for a short holiday away somewhere around New Year. It is hot to stay in the city, and many people head off to a beach house, b&b** , or a camping trip by the sea or a river. But the weather is unpredictable in Victoria, and we have got soft in our old age, so we prefer a b&b. There are plenty of options along our beautiful coastline- Warrnambool, Sorrento, and Phillip Island are our favourites.

This is also the time or year when there are drownings, at beaches and rivers. We should swim at patrolled*** beaches. This is especially true for overseas born people who are often not strong swimmers, and who may not understand weather conditions and currents. Where the beach looks calm is often the most dangerous part – there may be a rip (strong current).

So stay safe and enjoy this great holiday time.

* a promise to try to do a particular “good” thing, like giving up smoking

** Bed and Breakfast- a cottage or house where I pay for an overnight (or longer) stay. It can be budget price or a luxury place depending on the price.

*** beaches where trained volunteers are on site to help with emergencies

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