Christmas in Melbourne

Magic Melbourne…

Christmas here can be weird and wonderful.

Weird- well who would knit a jumper for a tree and put a whole lot of them around a city which can reach 40 degrees Celsius at Christmas? Wonderful- because shops try to outdo each other by making their windows spectacular at Christmas.

There are many of these knitted or crocheted tree covers, all around the city centre… What is the point you say? I have no idea. I just know that they appear at Christmas time. The more traditional decorations can also be seen in the city centre. This is a view of the pedestrian mall in Bourke Street, all ready for Christmas. You can see the tram tracks down the centre of the road but it is otherwise traffic-free.

The two big department stores here are called David Jones and Myer. There are lots of Christmas specials to be had if you can battle the crowds and go in to the city. The Arcades are pretty too- this one is Royal Arcade. It has some interesting tourist shops. Haigh’s chocolates have a branch here, though they actually come from South Australia. They have a splendid selection of chocolates to give as Christmas presents, including these little chocolate Santas.

We do not have to be excessive in our Christmas celebrations. We remember a unique event- God giving his only Son to the world.

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