Touristy Melbourne or Peaceful Countryside?

How about a double decker bus to ride in to see the sights of Melbourne? Here is one near Flinders Street station.


You can sit upstairs and you have a cover in case it rains. The bus goes around the well-known spots like Federation Square, Docklands, Eureka Tower, and St. Kilda beach. You can hop on and off, and the $40 (approx) ticket is valid for 24 hrs.

The graffiti around Melbourne is colourful and can be seen in city centre laneways and on walls in the inner city suburbs. These ones are near the hip shops around Fitzroy, This area is a great place to wander, and grab a coffee and something good to eat.

Or… you can go to the country and see birds and animals.

The Cape Barren geese are now very common on Phillip Island, especially on the roads near Summerlands Beach, where the Penguins come ashore each evening. The crimson rosellas are stunning birds which are very tame and easy to find in the forests near Melbourne.

If you want to see unusual animals try to spot an echidna.

This one was easily seen on one of the many walks on Phillip Island. The most beautiful places are just a short drive from the Main Street of the town of Cowes. Echidnas are monotremes- mammals that lay eggs. They eat ants so they are good creatures to have in your garden.

Australia is a great place to live!

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