Would you wear a onesie in public?


What are your favourite clothes?

Where do you shop? Do you buy expensive clothes when they are on sale? Or do you buy cheap clothes and replace them every season? Do you buy things and never wear them? Do you buy clothes that have brand names on the outside?

Do you buy clothes, books or toys from second hand shops or websites that resell? Do you buy clothes that are made in a particular country? You can find cheap clothes from Bangladesh, Vietnam or Myanmar. Or you can buy more expensive clothes from Europe. Australian made clothes and accessories are usually expensive, too.

You can make your own clothes but it is not cheap- wool and good material is very expensive. But hand knitted jumpers are very warm. And they last for a long time.


Can you knit? Can you make bread? Or grow flowers or vegetables? Pass on your skills to your children.

What can you do to help reduce plastic in landfill?

What can you do to make the earth a good place for your children to live in?

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