A Melbourne Ramble

A ramble is a walk just for fun. You don’t really mind where you go, or how long you take. You just walk, and look around.

Catch a bus along Hoddle Street, and get off at Langridge Street. Keep walking and Langridge Street becomes Gertrude Street. There are lots of Housing Commission homes in the high rise apartments. There are also plenty of new apartments going up in this area. So the old feel of Fitzroy might change.

Here are the old buildings, which are mostly flats and shops. The Commission flats look dull from the outside, but are probably warmer and nicer inside…

You can wander along Gertrude Street and look at the interesting clothes shops, book shops, art and jewellery shops. There are many restaurants around here too, and you can check out some interesting looking bars. The coffee is good, and the prices are not too high.

If you want to see something a little different, check out the Ice Bar on Brunswick Street.

EBD702F9-602D-4B03-9F68-CCE40C782289.jpegThe reviews are not amazing- most people say the ice room is very small, and $40 is a lot to pay for a 30 minute cool room drink, but I enjoyed the graffiti on the outside wall for free. There is actually a lot of good graffiti in Fitzroy, and the best way to see it is on foot. So the next time you have a free day, head to Fitzroy and have a wander. It is not really suitable for children, but adults might enjoy the atmosphere, which is very different from Melbourne city centre. If you like hand made nick knacks * there is a good shop in Gertrude Street where you can buy possum fur fingerless gloves, which are surprisingly warm and comfortable. It’s called Cottage Industries- but you can also get them online.

Nifty little numbers, eh? Not cheap, but you are not going to lose them easily, because you do not need to take them off to do things. So, you won’t lose them! The scarf is short, but kind of cute.

* nick knacks are little presents or fancy things people buy.


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