More Melbourne

Autumn is just called “Fall” in America, and I think they got a good name for the season. There are lots of lovely European trees in Melbourne which have leaves that fall at this time of the year.


Where the trees have been brought from Europe, they often have leaves that fall, but many native trees do not lose all their leaves in Autumn. Here are some trees in a suburb called Warrandyte, East Melbourne. This is an area where gold was found, and many artists came to paint the lovely river Yarra. The picture on the right shows the Yarra River in the centre of Melbourne, where you can get a ferry to see the sights.


And here is a Melbourne park, where the trees are different again. This is Ruffey Lake Park, in the Eastern suburbs.


Melbourne parks are usually safe places to walk in the day time:- you will see many people walking their dogs, or strolling along in the sunshine. This lake has ducks, but there is no fishing  or swimming allowed. Other parts of this park have native trees, which are quite different from the European ones.


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