Melbourne city


This is Melbourne City Baths. It is right in the middle of the city, near the shopping precint, and also a university called Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.  Doesn’t the outside of the building look magnificient?

And here is part of RMIT. It is in the city centre too, near the swimming baths.


You can see that we also have trams in Melbourne. They are  a good way to get around this huge city.  The size of the city of Melbourne is very large. But the number of residents is small compared to many other smaller cities, and “Housing Density” is a new term for us. We have a lot of new people coming to Melbourne from overseas, and we need places for them to live. So apartment living will become more popular. At the moment, we have about 4.35 million residents in our city.

The only down-side I can think of about visiting the city of Melbourne, is that parking is expensive, and it is better to use public transport if you can!

Melbourne is a great city to walk around. You can easily spend a day “sight-seeing”, either on foot or by using a tram to get around. There are great cafes,  and good food.

Go to the Queen Victoria Market, and buy some kangaroo, or goat. Or try some local Australian lobsters. You might need a lot of money to buy a lobster these days…




Come and visit us!

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