Growing herbs in small spaces in Melbourne.

Microgreens are seedlings- little plants full of goodness. You can cut them with scissors and put them on top of your meal. It makes it look nice, and they are good for you.

1A62D328-E3AE-4D2C-AC40-4775E3F821C9Here you can see Chinese cabbage and rocket. They are ready to eat now. You cut them with scissors and plant some more. They will grow in the cool Melbourne winter inside the house, or outside in a sheltered spot. It is a good way to reuse your plastic containers, too. There is also a lemon thyme cutting that is growing roots. I can plant that in a pot on the balcony.


It is so easy to grow these micro herbs –  children can do it.

If you have pots you can grow chillies. I planted mine in January. I think that was too late, because they have grown but they are not ripe. It is getting cold now, so I don’t think they will ripen.

But it is fun to try. I think beans are good in small spaces. Strawberries never seem to work for me. But microgreens are easy and quick to grow, and they look good on a plate of food. If you have never tried to grow good you should try it. It feels really good to eat things you have planted. Even if you have a tiny space you can try to grow something to eat.

If you collect seeds from some of your plants you will have some to sow next year too. Tomatoes, chillies and leeks are good to sow from seeds.

Have fun in your garden- even if it is just a box of microgreens in your kitchen!

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