A fun activity for children in Melbourne

If you are looking for a special treat for kids in Melbourne, try Clip ‘n Climb in Richmond. You can book for a session or you can have them organise a party, after a  climbing session. It is perfect for primary aged children, because they are old enough to realise that the clip will hold them if they fall!

One seven year old was hesitant at first, but was soon climbing confidently, and having fun. There are about 30 different climbing options, so it is easy to find something to do. There were a few adults climbing when I was there, but mostly there were children from about 5-12 years old. Later in the day there may be more serious climbers – we were there on a Saturday morning. There are plenty of helpers walking around, checking that people can clip and unclip themselves safely.


The session starts with a safety briefing, which is compulsory. It includes demonstrations to show people exactly what to do when they enter the climbing area. Some of the instructions were hard for little kids to understand, but the parents got the information.There was a least one four year old in our group who enjoyed some supervised climbing,

A staff member checks each harness is correctly attached. Then they go! What a fun activity. A whole hour to play- climb up, and swing down. The sessions are monitored well, so there is room to climb safely, and no pressure to rush.

The birthday party was in a glass-fronted room. There was watermelon and there were party snacks, around a big table.  Mum provided the cake. Parents could get a reasonable cup of coffee within view of the party group. Best of all, there was zero cleaning up, as the Clip ‘n Climb team came in and took on that job. Parking was okay – some people had to move cars but there were places. Clip ‘n Climb in Richmond is at 144 Murphy Street. It is a converted warehouse. Check it out!

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