Sorrento – near Melbourne (Part 1)

There is a little seaside town about an hour’s drive from Melbourne, where you can  walk, shop and eat. If the weather is good, you can walk around the town for an hour or two, and spend some time exploring the sights.


Sorrento was the first place on mainland Australia where Europeans came to live, in 1803. They didn’t stay very long- there was not a good water supply, so they moved to Tasmania instead. But Sorrento did become popular as a place to relax. There was a steam boat which brought tourists from Melbourne, and swimming baths, a post office, and several hotels. This quaint* store on the corner of the main street has just been sold. It has good coffee, and a selection of food and gifts. It has been here for quite a long time.

There is a mix of old and new shops in Sorrento. Country Road has a great garden at the entry. Mimco, Trenery, Gazman and Lulu Lemon are all there, and there is a popular ice cream shop, as well as a lot of good cafés. There are at least 2 shoe shops, and some interesting homeware and baby shops. But the best, the absolute best, is the TOY SHOP, which is staffed by people who let children walk around and touch things! They don’t get grumpy, and they have the best toys ….

869D067C-2964-4F9D-B944-B8881403D76AYou have to check out this toy shop. It is really good!

There are some lovely old buildings, like this hotel, made from local limestone.


And some beautiful homes- if you have a lot of spare cash…

If you like walking, there is a track to Portsea, a couple of kilometres away. There are some stunning houses along the coastal track. Or you can walk along Sorrento main shopping street and keep going- you will come to a national park, and the ocean beach, with great places to walk.

There is a cemetery which used to have iron gates donated by Dame Nellie Melba, but they are no longer there…

Make time to have a day trip to Sorrento, but try to choose a good day. It can be windy and wet along this coast!

*quaint= old and charming


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