What kind of holiday do you like?

Some people like to visit old buildings. Others like bus tours so that they can see a lot of scenery without having to drive themselves. Others like to shop.

I like the beach. And Melbourne has some of the best beaches in the world I think! Children are so easy to look after at the beach – if you give them freedom to run wild, but keep safe. Here are some rules for people who have come to live in Australia:-

Learn to swim well: no matter what age you are. There are classes at most pools.

Stay away from dangerous beaches- strong currents, rips and big waves are not for beginner swimmers.

Let children play at the beach- it is fun to pretend and build castles and boats in the sand.

Adults can walk or paddle in the shallow water, or they can fish, or go in a boat.

Walk along the pier and see what the fishermen and women are catching;- squid? flathead? Or something else?

Here is Rye pier, on the Mornington Peninsula, just an hour or two out of Melbourne. This is how it looked this afternoon.


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