Where can you see green tree frogs in Melbourne?

The Aquarium of course! If you want to take a little person for a fun morning in the city, this is the place to go. You can see fish, eels, frogs, sharks, turtles, seahorses, crabs, a large saltwater crocodile or two, and penguins in the snow and in the water. Great day out. You might even be lucky enough to see a scuba diver in the fish tanks! We did.

We liked the colourful fish and the seahorses – so many different kinds you will be amazed!

We enjoyed the trip in on the tram too!  A good morning out, and it was not too crowded when we were there. Lunch in the laneways would be very enjoyable. Then you could have a boat trip down the Yarra River, and still be home in time for tea!

Melbourne really is a liveable city! Have a fun day out!

A scuba diver is a diver with an air tank on their back. It stands for:

Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus SCUBA

     This little person had a ball! 

Had a ball= had a good time.

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