Tips for work

Many people are looking for work.  Not just people from overseas, though it is hard to find a job if you do not know many people in Australia.

There are some things you can do to help find the job you want.


First of all, don’t expect to walk into your dream job. You might, but you will probably have to show you are a good employee first.


Watch this Monash Uni video to get some tips. One thing I always tell students is to try for part time work if you can’t get full time. Often part time will lead to something else. I started at the bottom (cleaning at a camp site!) when I moved to a new place. It didn’t lead to a job, but I found good friends there, and that led to all kinds of other opportunities.

So… don’t be too proud to take a job that involves manual labour – it is often easier to find a job like this. And parts of nearly every job are boring,workboots.jpgwhile other parts are interesting.

Also, you can learn a lot about life by watching other people while you are at work. Who shows a good attitude, and how do they do that? Who is a right pain, and why? How can you modify your behaviour to be a happier person and a better employee?

Work takes up a major part of your life, so it is helpful if you can enjoy at least some of it!

Think how many people in the world have no opportunity to change their life circumstances:- and make your next day at work a grumble-free day!

Email me if you would like the audio for this post.


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