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Use Technology for workEmployability-Skills-Technology-Learn-English-Melbourne

We all have a smartphone. Most of us bank online, shop online and find information about restaurants, holidays, news and newspapers online. So what about our workplace? Well, things have changed in the last few years.

Some jobs still need no computer skills. Cleaning for example. Most of the time, anyway, though you may need to order supplies online.  Phones are more of an essential item these days… You need to telephone if you cannot come to work, or if you are late. You may or may not be allowed to answer your phone during your shift. Or you may be expected to carry your phone and answer it at all times of the day (and night!). You may use your phone to accept casual work, so missing a call means missing a job.

Here are some short guidelines:-

  1.  Find out what the mobile rules are, in a workplace, or potential workplace. You can say no if it does not suit your lifestyle, and you have other options.
  2. Ask for permission if you need to have your phone on hand for an emergency.
  3. Improve your computer skills in English, even if you do not need to use a computer in your current job. Find a free online typing skills course and do it so that you are fast and accurate in English. It may also help your language skills.
  4. When appropriate, ask your boss/supervisor which programs they would like you to become familiar with. Your workplace may help with training costs, or they may consider you for other jobs if you have new skills.
  5. Explore apps in the app store. Be prepared to demonstrate how an app might help people at your work do their job better.
  6. And finally, talk with people. Find out what is popular in the Information Technology area of your workplace. Make Lifelong Learning a reality, instead of grumbling about too much change. Older people can learn new skills. So can young people who didn’t achieve much first time round, Attitude and time commitment are really important.

And what will the future hold from a technology perspective?

15 years ago most of us had no idea how smart phones would change our lives!

Is this the next game changer?

Employability-Skills-Technology-drone-Learn-English-Melbourne   We happily used it to take Christmas family photos for friends and family this year!..

Think of its uses in your workplace…,

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