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Employability Skill –

Planning and Organising

This post is suitable for practice for IELTS for students at around level 7 and above, or for people learning basic workplace skills. You can watch a TED talk (you need quite high level listening skills to understand a TED talk but you can replay it as often as you wish), and then try organising and planning your life…!!! Give yourself an hour at least…and then another hour later in the week to evaluate how you are going.


Read the text and then PLAN and ORGANISE your life!!!

A Monash University career site      describes this skill in these terms;

  • Managing timelines and prioritising.
  • Allocating and coordinating tasks for self and others.
  • Anticipating future needs and forward planning.
  • Project planning or managing an event.
  • Arranging study and work commitments to support yourself at university.
  • Organising networking, fundraising, sporting or social activities.

Linkedin and TED tarlks both have a useful, practical series of videos on planning and organising,  by David Allen called “Getting things done”. This is different from a lot of blurb on the topic, because he doesn’t ask you to change your life:- he just makes suggestions for improving what you have at this point, by dealing with 5 points:-

Capture, Clarify, Organise, Reflect and Engage. This is a doable approach to de-cluttering your life!

There is so much available on this topic, sometimes I think we need to just sit down and PLAN and ORGANISE our work life and our other priorities.

Watch and listen to the TED talk, and DO SOMETHING about it!


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