News Story:-Woman taken by crocodile


Here is a true story from Australia. It is adapted for ESL learners at low  intermediate level.  You can listen, read or read and listen. You can also use it as a dictation – listen and write.woman-taken-by-croc


A woman had Alzheimer’s  disease. She lived in Canberra, the capital of Australia. When she started to forget many things, her family decided it would be a good idea to move her to live near her son, in Port Douglas. Port Douglas is a pretty, seaside town in tropical Northern Queensland. It is a popular holiday destination for tourists. After a few weeks of living in an Aged Care facility, she went for a walk and disappeared. Her family searched everywhere for her and eventually decided to call the police. A search was started, and after some time, some of her belongings including her walking stick were found near a river. It is known for its crocodiles. Some human remains were also found, so her family is fairly sure she was taken by a crocodile. There are many crocodiles in th e North of Australia, and some are often seen where rivers meet the sea. This happened at the end of a popular beach called Four Mile Beach, which is just at the end of the main street of the town.

Now make 8 sentences about the story. You can only move one word  in any direction – number 1 begins:- “A woman in Queensland went ________.  The dashes below tell you how many words are in each sentence.

1.  A 3. She for walk alone. were was nearby.
woman went a awful clothes found stick found
   4  Her in terrible facility. 6. Her walking near eaten
horrible family Queens-land Aged Care 7. Her a unwell human
2.She went searched every-where. an river. dis-oriented snap
sad was missing. in looked her. crocodile. disappeared
  unhappy demen-tia living Police for think was a
surpris-ing old 5. The 8. Her family she taken by
  1. A _____________   _____   _________________   w_________   m_________________.
  2. She  _______   ______________   _____   ____   _____________________   ________________.
  3. She   ________   ___________   ____    ____________   a_____________.
  4. Her  __________________   __________________________   e_________________.
  5. The _______________   ____________________   f____    ___________.
  6. Her   _________________   w______________   __________________  n___________   ___  _______________.
  7. Her   _______________   s_______________   ___________   f________________   _______________.
  8. Her   __________________   ____________________   s______    ______________   ______________  b____    ___   _________________________.

Answers on Solutions page.

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