Work Words (3) Problem Solving

This task is suitable for vocabulary for IELTS for students at around level 6 and above, or for people learning basic workplace skills. It is prepared for use in the Australian workplace.


Problem Solving

Read the text and complete the gaps with the following words:-

about                 claim             assistant

specific              bonus             process

(This post is about how to demonstrate that you have this skill).

Another Employability Skill which you can develop is Problem Solving. Before you have an interview, think about examples of when you  have shown an ability to solve a problem. It needs to be a____________ example, with a date, and details about the exact circumstances.

So, you could put a line in your CV saying something like:-

In January 2017, I saved xx Company time and money by putting extra information on our website _____________ how to make claims.

Or, you might say at interview:-

A specific example of when I solved a problem which led to increased productivity happened in  January 2017. I was working for xx Company as an admin ____________. I was spending about 5 hours a week talking on the phone:- explaining how customers could claim a refund. I got very fed up explaining the ______________, so I suggested to my boss that we put a section on the website, explaining how people could claim a refund. We added a section that allowed people to make simple claims online, and only ring up if they had a complicated ____________.We calculated that this has reduced my telephone talk to customers by about 5%. My boss was so pleased she gave me a ____________.

If you can link two employability skills together- even better! So, an example of you working with others to solve a problem could help you get an interview. 

Go to the solutions page to hear the text with the missing words inserted.


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