Work Words (2)

This task is suitable for vocabulary for IELTS for students at around level 6 and above, or for people learning basic workplace skills.

Read the text and complete the gaps with the following words:-

description      respond       up

little           properly      demonstrate      

Quino Al


Employability Skills

Team work is our second employability skill. This is often listed in a job ______________. It is considered an essential skill for the workplace. We all realise the importance of working alongside others to create the best outcomes. Or do we? Do you ever think:-

“Just give it to me and I will do it myself. At least that way I will know it is done _________________”.

Of course, we wouldn’t dare say that, it would be rude. But have you ever been put in a group to complete a task, and discovered there is one person who is lazy and does very ______________. However, because they are part of a hardworking group she/he also obtains the high  group mark? Well, sometimes life is unfair. And the workplace can sometimes be unfair.  So teamwork is also about best ways of reacting to the lazy person, or the person who isn’t quite _______________ to the task. Or the person who doesn’t turn ______________ on time, or gets the dates wrong, or doesn’t participate, or even the one who is so good they want to do the whole task by themself!…

Team work is about how we react to a variety of people scenarios. And interestingly, it is not always the person who got the highest scores at school or university who works best alongside others. Interview questions will sometimes delve into scenarios involving a difficult person, to see what strategies you might use to work along with them, and get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Career Profiles have a good article on how to answer specific teamwork questions at interview. To prepare for an interview, you really need to be specific, and positive. How would you _______________to the request:- Describe for me a time when you were required to manage a challenging team dynamic.” ?

Here is a link to a diagram showing all the employability skills if you want to know what the others are. It also lists some examples of how you might ___________them.  This is from a learning organisation, so it is good for learning basic information about the Australian workplace in general.

You can listen or read along with the text on the Solutions page, under Work Words (2).

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