Work Words

This task is suitable for vocabulary for IELTS for students at around level 6 and above, or for people learning basic workplace skills.

Read the text and complete the gaps with the following words:-

interview      misunderstandings      overtime    tim-gouw-79563 (1)

 forgiving      undone      understood                 

There are only 6 for this task, as the content is important to learn.

Employability Skills (1)

There are 8 skills which are considered essential for success in the workplace. They are often specifically required in job descriptions, and it makes good sense to understand and be able to talk about them at _________. Then, of course, you need to demonstrate them  in your working day, in order to succeed at work.

They are easy to list, but can be considered on many levels, so this post will deal only with a small part of the first one;- Communication Skills. This can be as simple as talking clearly. But how do you know you are talking clearly? You have to check that the person or people have __________ you correctly. So you ask them to repeat the essential part. For example:- You say:- ” I need you to work late tomorrow and next Friday ;- can you do it?” 

and they say:- “So you want me to do ________tomorrow and the following Friday as well – two days of overtime, is that right? “

This is a habit native speakers develop to make sure people understand instructions. It often saves _________________ at work.

Another strategy you can practice as a communicator is good listening. Listen to what people say and check that what you think they said is what they actually meant.  For example, you get to work and an office worker says:- “The heater was left on all night”. This does not actually suggest that you left it on, but that may be what they think, so you can either:-

Deny it:- “Well, it wasn’t me, I was out yesterday afternoon.”

Leave it open:- “That’s no good. Maybe we can ask people to check it before they leave, if they are leaving after 5 pm.”

Blame it on someone else:- “I think it was John. He usually leaves last.”  (Not a good idea to do this! Better to go to the person and talk privately with them first if you think they have left a task ________ ).

Sometimes at work, it is not the actual work tasks that are hardest, but the dramas which evolve between people who work alongside you. A pleasant _________approach can make your day (and other people’s) more enjoyable.

See Answers on Solutions page under Work Words.

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