Written Description – Bedroom

Look and write about what you see. Here is an example. Use present tense (There is); some connecting words ( and, but, so, because); noun phrases (a big wooden bed, a small wooden table); some pronouns (it is); and check your spelling and vocabulary.

IMG_1909.JPGVincent Van Gogh’s famous painting “Bedroom in Arles”

In this bedroom there is a big wooden bed, two chairs, and a small wooden table. There are no rugs on the floor. There are two doors, one on the right and one on the left. There are five pictures on the walls, and there is a mirror on the wall above the table. On the table, there is a wash basin and jug, and there is a towel hanging on the wall, near the door. There is a window on the back wall, and perhaps there is a green curtain. The room is clean and tidy, and it is painted blue.

(approx.100 words).   You need to be able to read about 70 words, and write about 40 words.

For a written description of a person seeDescribing a person (CSWE 1)

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