Describing a person

Practise reading a description of a person. SWEDES109A

Describing a person

This is a picture of a woman. She is probably in her late seventies or early eighties. She has short, grey, wavy hair and is wearing a black dress with blue flowers on it. She is also wearing two necklaces. She has a little smile, and looks contented. She is standing outside, probably in a garden. There are trees and bushes behind her, and there is a large, mauve flower on her left. She is alone but maybe her friend is taking the photo. She is enjoying retirement.

LIsten and read.

Questions to think about:-

  • What kind of work does she do?
  • Is she 78 years old?
  • what is another word for ” contented” ?
  • How do you know it is summer?

Now write about a person. Send it to me, with a photo, so we can put it on the blog.

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