Write a recount


This is an example of a level 2 CSWE practice task.

One Sunday I went to Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. There were many things for sale; – clothes, handbags, scarves, hats, shoes, toys, fruit and vegetables. There was a fish, meat and deli section indoors.

I walked around the stalls looking at things. I tried on a pair of shoes, but they were not very comfortable, so I did not buy them. I did have a cup of coffee, though. And I bought some lemons and some fresh herbs – basil and coriander.  There were a lot of people, some of them were tourists buying presents for family and friends. Some of them were locals, having a day out, like me. There was a real multicultural feel to the market place.

I spent a few hours looking at souvenirs and food. Then I caught the bus home. It was a good day out.

Listen to the text and read along.

Your turn!  Use past simple tense for most of the verbs. Use paragraphs (this recount has 3). Use a negative past tense form (as in “We did not see….”). Use connectors such as “so, however, because, and but”.

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