Here is a blog to let  you practise your English -reading and writing descriptions.

Let’s start with this one…SWEDES109A

This is a picture of St. Kilda taken from the pier. You can see the buildings of Melbourne in the distance, the boats in front, and the rocks at the edge of the pier. The water is calm and the temperature today is about 26 degrees. There is a cafe at the end of the pier (you cannot see it in this picture), where you can relax and enjoy a latte or ice-cream.

The description is set for level 1 CSWE module I (SWEDES109A), with help from a dictionary.

Questions for level 1

  1. Where is this picture?
  2. What can you see in the distance?
  3. What are at the bottom of the photograph?
  4. What can you see in the background?
  5. What is the weather like?

Here is some of Kevin’s work:-

blob: DSC

This is Tasmania’s Wineglass Bay. That’s a long beach. First we can see a big tree. This beach is shaped like a wineglass. Around the beach are all the mountains and near the beach there are some boats. Also there is a big lake and a big grassy area. The water is calm and that day was very cold and windy. However, that’s good for me because I like that weather.

Questions to answer

  1.  Which state of Australia is this picture from?
  2.  Where is the tree?
  3. What is special about the beach?
  4. What does Kevin write about, that you cannot see?

Your turn!

Take a picture of a person, place or thing, and write about it. Add your first name and a photo of yourself if you wish. Email it and I will post it.

If your English is higher than level 1, you can still use this site to post your work.

Happy writing!

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